In this video we build a Custom Totem Sign in Blender 3D. This is a more organic design rather than a boxy design for totem signs. Click to…
In this video we show you how to go from a Totem Sign CAD drawing from Inkscape, to a Fully 3D Totem sign in Blender 3D
In this video we show you how to go from a Totem Sign Sketch, to a Computer Aided Design (CAD) in Inkscape, using Real-World Measurements.
In this video we show you how to Animate Marvel’s Avengers Logo Intro using Blender 2.8.
In this video, we show you how to convert your company logo from Flat 2D Logo to 3D Logo in Blender 2.8.
In this Video, we model the X Banner using Blender 3D. We use this 3D Model for Presenting to Clients, showing how their banners will look…
[SPEED DESIGN] Blinds Company Flyer Design in Inkscape | Trinidad Graphic Design. Flyer Design for Custom Blinds Company, Made for…
In this time-lapse video, we design a Professional Logo for a Real Estate Company, going from Pencil Sketch to Final Logo using Inkscape.…
In this speed design video, we display Professional Look Development for a Promotional Bus Stop Design. Including 2 Bus Stop Signs and a…
In this video, we design a Product Label for Black Knight Tonic Wine. Black Knight Tonic Wine is Owned by Atlantis Crystal Water Technology…
In this video, we design and layout Restroom Signs using International / Universally Accepted Symbols for Male, Female, and Handicapped.
In this video, we design and layout a 2-Sided Sign, for a Pre-School & Day Care. This artwork will go on a Flag-Pole Style Sign.
Adapt Your Logo with the Straight Pride Theme. Use your completed Design for Your Social Media Profile Photos during the yearly Boston…
In this video, we show you how we draw the Straight Pride Flag using Inkscape. This is the process in preparing a flag for printing.
Look Development of a Branded Bus Stop. Bus Shed with Promotional Designs. Look Development in Blender 2.8. Trinidad Sign Company.
In this Speed Design video, you'll learn how to Design a Logo from Sketch To Final Logo, using Inkscape. Click the link to watch the video.
In this Speed Model Video, I'll be showing you How to Make a Sign Board in Blender 3D. A Sign Board is a great way for you to attract…
“How to Build a Branded Bus Shed in Blender 3D”. See our process from Modelling to Final Render. Watch the video here
How to Design an Event Management Call Card in Inkscape
In This Video, watch how we Speed Model a Barbershop Exterior in 3D, using Blender. We'll cover Modeling the Barbershop, Texturing and…

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