[3D Animated Logo] Convert Your 2D Logo to 3D and Animate it | Trinidad Graphic Design.

In this video, we show you how to convert your company logo from Flat 2D Logo to 3D Logo in Blender 2.8.

After the Conversion from 2D to 3D, we then Add Materials, Light Our Scene with a 3-Point Lighting Setup.

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When Lighting is setup, we move on to Animate the separated elements of the logo.

When the full 3D Logo scene is animated, we move on to Rendering using the EEVEE Real-time PBR Render engine in Blender 2.8.

Overview of the Process:
    1. Save Your Logo in .SVG Vector Format using Inkscape (or Any other Vector Graphics Program).
    2. Also save a copy of your logo in Raster Graphics Format for reference. (.JPG, .PNG)
    3. Import your .SVG Logo into a professional 3D Program. We use Blender 3D.
    4. Convert all parts of your logo into Solid Objects (Geometry).
    5. Add Materials / Colour.
    6. Setup 3-Point Lighting to suit the scene. Add Other lights where needed.
    7. Setup Control Rigs for each separated section of your logo that you need to animate.
    8. Tweak as you go along.
    9. Set project to 30 FPS. Setup Render output to a Series of .PNG images. Render the Animation as images.
    10. Put all your rendered image files in a professional Compositor like Natron, Nuke or After Effects. You can also use Any Professional Video Editor to render out the image frames as a final Animation.
    11. Perform necessary Color-Grading and addition effects like motion-blur if needed.
    12. Re-Render composition as a .MP4 Video.


Music Credits:

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